Welcome to Lucent

VIU’s Graphic Design class of 2017 is pleased to invite you to Lucent. This show is the culmination of what we have learned over the past 4 years at VIU. It showcases our best and most innovative creations demonstrating our problem solving abilities and sharp design skills.

Please join us in celebration and have the opportunity to see each graduate’s work, listen to a talk given by a design industry professional, enjoy some snacks and chat with our brilliant design graduates.


[loo-suh nt]

Lucent is an adjective for things that shine or glow with light. On a clear night, the full moon is lucent in the sky.

The literary word lucent essentially means “luminous” or “radiant,” glowing with a soft, bright light. It comes from the Latin lucentem, from lucere, “to shine.”

To us Lucent represents the conclusion of our four year journey together. Through hard work and perseverance we have gained clarity and have set our sights high as we take on our next challenges as accomplished design graduates

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Organizers: lucentshow2017@gmail.com


The Port Theatre
Address: 125 Front St. Nanaimo, BC
When: April 18th, 2017
Time: 6 pm - 9 pm

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A photo of Eleanor smiling

Eleanor Bailey

Eleanor is a keen pencil-to-paper designer who follows her lifelong passion for creating new things and bringing them to life. She specializes in illustration and layout and has an interest in package design. As an avid consumer of books, animation and games, her main interests lie in concept artistry and worldbuilding - and when she isn’t working meticulously on a project, she’s going to be doing just that. Hardworking and dedicated to the little details, Eleanor strives to bring something unique to every project.

cargocollective.com/ebaileycreative // ebaileycreative@gmail.com

A photo of Avery Crosson

Avery Crosson

Avery is a design nerd who has fallen madly in love with the grid. She strives for impeccable alignment and is never one to look over the small things. If she's not tirelessly working on a project you'll find her in a movie theatre. Her love for film and other worlds has led her curious mind to study sociology, philosophy, and physical anthropology. Her never ending quest for the meaning of life has influenced her design thinking. Whether she's focused on identity, layout design, or illustration, her work is never expected and often makes people smile.

averycrosson.com // averycrosson@hotmail.com

A photo of Rachael smiling

Rachael Dechene

Rachael has always had a passion for creativity. Getting involved in art and design at a young age, she excelled in any classes that involved creative thinking. It only made sense to pursue a career in graphic design. She loves a good challenge, and is adventurous and imaginative with all of the work she pursues. Rachael believes that the combination of hard work, forward thinking, and ingenuity is the key to success.

rdechene.com // rdechene756@gmail.com

A photo of Fiona Hawkes

Fiona Hawkes

Fiona Hawkes is a West Coast born and raised graphic designer. After graduating from Emily Carr University with a degree in visual arts she returned to the island to pursue graphic design. Having a background in fine arts built a solid foundation for her design practice. Her design passions are packaging, layout, branding and user interface/user experience design. Over the years Fiona has developed a belief in her abilities, trusting in her creative process to tackle a challenge. She stays driven in any endeavour because of her ambition for learning, looking at every project as an opportunity to discover something new.

fionahawkes.design // fhawkes@hotmail.com

A photo of Brennan smiling

Brennan Hinchsliff

Nothing in terms of design is out-of- bounds. From logo design, to environmental design, to illustration, all jobs are possible. “Does he have experience?” you may ask. Yes, is the answer. Brennan has already been commissioned for several freelance logo designs and rebranding initiatives, is currently managing a series of professional social media platforms, and also played a major role in the redesign and renovation of Nanaimo’s busiest nightclub.

brennanhinchdesign.format.com // Brennanhinch@gmail.com

A photo of Kelsey smiling

Kelsey Hornsell

Born on Vancouver Island and raised in small town northern BC, Kelsey is a passionate and creative designer with a flair for anything handmade. She enjoys a variety of hobbies from watercolour to crochet and is always looking for new ways to express her creativity and learn new skills. Kelsey has spent the last four years producing creative and colourful projects that are inspired by the beautiful places she has lived and travelled to in the world and the people she has met. Kelsey’s passions include layout design, identity branding and hand lettering.

kjhcreative.com // kelsey.horsnell@hotmail.com

A photo of Izabel smiling

Izabel Kazenbroot-Guppy

Izabel is a graphic designer and photographer born and raised in Nanaimo, B.C. Since childhood, she has spent her time learning about the arts. She has practiced dance, fine arts, and music. She has learnt art history, graphic design photography, and videography. Izabel blends her passion for fine arts and technology to produce graphic design work for her clients and professors. She takes her love of music and style and puts it into her portrait and lifestyle photography. Izabel hopes to blend her love of graphic design with her photography to create impactful graphics and imagery.

ikgdesigns.com // izabelkgdesigns@gmail.com

A photo of Corinna smiling

Corinna Maier

Take a 5.3ft bundle of creative enthusiasm, and you stumble upon Corinna. Her friends call her the "mom" because she brings trust, reliability, and passion to any situation. Travel has allowed her to expand her knowledge of the world as well as design. She strives for creative solutions to package design, branding, and social media campaigns. She strongly believes in trustworthy connections and enjoys establishing those with her clients.


A photo of Clair smiling

Clair Morgan

Proudly based on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, with a strong passion for technology and visual communication, Clair strives to create compelling solutions that promote diversity and individual expression. Embracing any project with passion and positivity, she is thrilled to be a part of the Design community in Nanaimo.

clairmorgan.ca // welcome@clairmorgan.ca

A photo of Eudoia smiling

Euodia Mutua

Euodia has always been a treasured papaya in a room full of oranges. You may ask what that means? Euodia has always been odd, weird, and intriguing. Always full of love and positivity, this is seen through her designs. Euodia's use of colors, outside the box thinking, pushing her limits, and ability to design for a variety of projects makes her stand out. The way that a papaya would stand out in a room of oranges.

cargocollective.com/euodiamutua // euodiamutua@gmail.com

A photo of Jessica smiling

Jessica Paquette

A well-traveled designer inspired by the world and everything in it. Studied in England, and was exposed to many different design styles and techniques. Worked with high profile designers in the UK to really hone her skills and produce stronger design concepts. Travel has been a big part of her life and continues to push her forward and drive her creativity. Learning design in different countries, and developing a broader perspective, has provided her with a wider range of skills and knowledge. A dedicated and passionate designer who loves what she does and constantly develops her creativity.

A photo of Brooklynne smiling

Brooklynne Straiko-Hassenstein

Brooklynne is a travel guru, outdoor enthusiast, and a social justice advocate. Her travels have inspired and educated her in the world of design and culture. Looking to constantly create concepts that help evolve herself and the world around her through design thinking and collaboration. She specializes in branding, marketing campaigns, editorial, Ui and Ux design. She understands the power that design can have on people and cultures and has the skill to help. Brooklynne is well rounded and continually looking for opportunities for adventure and growth.


A photo of Karlee smiling

Karlee Takasaki

Lover of baseball, dogs, and all things horror, the best way to describe Karlee is as a tiny bundle of sass. Though her big personality doesn't match her small stature, Karlee’s empathy for our planet and society has driven her to create sustainable design solutions for every challenge she encounters. Her design strengths include typography, page layout and branding, but her passion for knowledge enever holds her back from any unfamiliar areas.

karleetakasaki.ca // karleetakasaki@gmail.com

A photo of Alex smiling

Alex Young

Alex is an enthusiastic and highly motivated designer who loves to laugh, is a fanatic for details and who is known for her sleek ruler-straight hair… Throughout her first four years as a graphic designer Alex has learned that great ideas come from pencils, there is no such thing as too much caffeine, and that no project is ever complete. With her vivid imagination and unwavering focus she takes on design problems and produces intriguing creative solutions. Alex’s passions include package design, identity branding and layout design.

alexyoungcreative.com // alexyoungcreative@gmail.com